I am somewhat tall, somewhat skinny. Sometimes balanced, sometimes fall over for no reason. I don’t know what color my eyes are.

And I write. Four in the morning drunk outside a baudy club in China. Noon, sober, on a park bench shivering in the Moscow winter. Cozy in a cafe in Stockholm. Poorly postured on my bed. In a crowded metro wagon. Typewriter. Pen. Keyboard. Voice memo.

I travel. Less than the best. More than most. And I notice things. I’ll tell you about them sometime.

I love chess. I love Dark Souls. I love my shabby copy of The Magus by Fowles.

I have two novels completed. Zero novels published. Care to help change that latter figure, message me.

I get to see the world. I hope to help you see it too. If you have something to share as well, please do.