Book Review: ‘Injection, Vol. 1’ by W. Ellis, D. Shalvey, and J. Bellaire

Injection volume 1

Just Hook Me, Why Don’t Ya?

The first volume of a graphic novel really needs to draw you in. And there is only so much that the clever marketing ploy of making that premier installment cost $9.99 can do. I know that the subsequent volumes will be priced somewhere between 50-100% more than that, and it needs to catch me with all it has got if I’m going to unbegrudgingly part with such funds. The first volume of Injection, a series created by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire left me glad I had picked up a used copy for the price of a Chipotle burrito sans guacamole.

Nothing Kept Me Lingering Over the Pages:

Nothing tugged at me. The art felt uninspired, the characters unoriginal (a hitman, mad scientist, young genius, etc.), and the actual story was never revealed enough to get me to the point where I would even know what I was hoping to learn by purchasing the next installment. If the only question you are left with after the first chapter in a series is ‘Will it get interesting later?’ then…well, that will be a question I leave unanswered.

A Truncated Affair:

I really wanted to like this one. The back cover blurb said five crazy people broke the 21st century. I didn’t know what they meant. How do you break an abstract concept? I’m on board…oh, nevermind. What I was left with was a unpalatable cast getting group tattoos, a moldy plant dong in full sight, and a grouchy outlier staring into the distance.

I might be missing out on greatness by not acquiring the later chapters, but that is a risk I am willing to take, especially when there are already plenty of other compelling series vying for my increasingly sparse funds, ones that have proven to me from the very first volume that they are worthwhile. It was an okay hour or two spent in confusion. But I can spend my time being confused in much more entertaining ways.

Rating 2.5 out of 5